PoS Registration

3 ways to set-up your shop.

Odoo POS - Laptop configuration
Odoo POS - Tablet configuration
Odoo POS - Industrial touchscreen configuration
Desktop PC & Laptop

Running your shop in your browser on your PC or Laptop is the cheapest and most flexible option. Usb barcode scanners are natively supported. Receipts can be printed on any thermal or inkjet printer compatible with your web browser.

Extra hardware such as weighing scales or ESC/POS printers can be used with the IoT Box.

Tablet (iOS and Android)

Tablets take a lot less space, their touchscreens are a joy to use. And they are light enough to be freely moved around your shop. Or you can put them in a nice stand and secure them on your front desk.

Of all stands and tablets we recommend the iPad Air 2 and the Heckler Design Windfall Stand.

Industrial Touchscreen

Hard to break and steal, industrial touchscreens are the perfect solution for shops and restaurants with a high volume of staff and customers. Odoo POS on industrial touchscreens is compatible with the same peripherals as Laptops & PCs.

What is the IoT Box?

The cross-platform hardware solution.

The IoT Box is a small device that allows you to use the same industry standard USB POS peripherals on every device (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android ). Not only does it make the setup easier, it actually lowers your costs.

More Information

Cross platform hardware solution

Barcode Scanners

No IoT Box Required
Odoo POS will work with most USB Barcode Scanners, connected directly on your computer.

Bluetooth barcode scanners and network receipt printers are supported natively.

Of all compatible barcode scanners, we recommend the Honeywell Eclipse product line. They are compatible out of the box with the IoT Box. If you connect them directly to your PC they need to be configured to use your pc keyboard layout.

Honeywell Eclipse

Honeywell Eclipse

Weighing Scale

IoT Box Required
The IoT Box enables Odoo POS to integrate with electronic scales. The product weight is read in real-time from the scale to your point of sale.

The IoT Box natively supports the Mettler Toledo Ariva product family.

We can develop new drivers on demand.

Mettler Toledo Ariva

Mettler Toledo Ariva

Cash Registers

No IoT Box Required
Odoo POS can operate any EPSON compatible cash register. It has to be connected through the receipt printer. 

We recommend the
Metapace K-2

Metapace K-2

Receipt Printers

No IoT Box Required
Epson ePOS thermal printers such as the EPSON TM-m30.

Full listing can be found here.
IoT Box Required
Thermal printers using ESC/POS or Star protocol such as the EPSON TM-T20II.

We can develop new drivers on demand.

Odoo POS can print on any web-browser compatible printer. This includes most inkjet, laser and thermal printers, connected by USB or via network. We recommend using the IoT Box for easier setup and faster printing.

Payment Terminal

No IoT Box Required
Adyen (supported countries) -- swipe, EMV, contactless
Six (Europe) with a Yomani terminal

IoT Box Required
Ingenico (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) with a Lane/5000 terminal
Worldline (Europe)(coming soon) with a Yomani terminal
Vantiv / FIS (USA, Canada) -- swipe-only

Customer Display

IoT Box Required
Any HDMI screen