Bokeh Map Views For Traccar Fleet Tracking Module

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v 10.0 Third Party 6

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Technical name map_bokeh_views
Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Included Dependencies
Technical name map_bokeh_views
Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Included Dependencies

Bokeh Map View Add-on for the Traccar Fleet Tracking

An add-on module which extends the Traccar Fleet Tracking module with bokeh map views showing daily movement data per vehicle.

  • Adds daily movement data for vehicles (all trips taken on a particular date).
  • Bokeh Map Views on the Vehicle form and the Location History form

Daily Trip Data

Movement data visible on a calendar view, by clicking on the Daily Movement button on a vehicle.

Last Map Location.

Shows Last Updated Location on the map, visible on the Vehicle form.

The bokeh widget usage depends on this OCA module :
All credit for it goes to OCA and it's contributors:

  • Jordi Ballester Alomar
  • Lois Rilo Antelo

Tehnical pre-requisites:

NOTE: this is a 10$ add-on for the Traccar Fleet Tracking module, which is included as a dependency.

Contact us

  • Vernon Hogan, BulkTP
  • Antonio Buric, InfoTerra

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Hi Satyanagara, this is most likely due to the newer bokeh python library you have on the instance, please make sure the version you are using is 0.12.7, by running: pip install bokeh==0.12.7 If you still get this error regardless of the bokeh version used, get in touch with us directly on the email button above ( and we will make sure it is resolved. Please email us directly for queries like these since there are no notifications for comments posted here.

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