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Technical name project_recalculate
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Required Apps Timesheets (hr_timesheet)
Project (project)
Invoicing (account)
Employee Directory (hr)
License: AGPL-3

Project Recalculate

This module recalculates Task start/end dates depending on Project start/end dates.


You can define working calendar at Setting > Technical > Resource > Working time Then assign this calendar to a resource (related with an user), a project or a company

When calculating task dates, this addon will look for a working calendar in this order:

  • If project has working time assigned, use it.
  • If user assigned, search first resource related with this user (normally user is related, only with one resource) and get its working calendar ends at 18:00
  • If not user assigned or resource hasn't working calendar, search first working calendar of the company
  • If no working calendar found, then every day is workable and work starts at 08:00 and ends at 18:00

Also you can define which task stages are included in recalculation when 'Project recalculate' button is clicked. By default, all are included. To change this go to Project > Configuration > Stages > Task Stages and change 'Include in project recalculate' field


There are two calculation modes:

  • Date begin: Task start/end dates are recalculated from project's date begin
  • Date end: Task start/end dates are recalculated from project's date end

If the project start/end date is changed in the form view, then you have to click "Recalculate project" button to recalculate all open tasks [1] according to the new date.

[1] 'Open tasks' means tasks in a stage that are defined with 'Include in project recalculate' = True

This a typical use case:

  1. Create a project and configure:
    • Calculation type, for example "Date end".
    • Expiration Date.
  2. Create tasks, configuring for each one:
    • From days, in this example, days from date end when this task must start.
    • Estimation days, duration of the task in days.
  3. Click at "Recalculate project" button.

  4. Go to task list and see the recalculated planning.

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Known issues / Roadmap

  • Project tasks are written one by one, so this can reduce performance.

Bug Tracker

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