Telegram Leads

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Technical name telegram_leads
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0
Required Apps CRM (crm)
Included Dependencies
Technical name telegram_leads
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0
Required Apps CRM (crm)
Included Dependencies

Telegram Leads

Generate Leads out of messages forwarded in Telegram

By purchasing this package, you will get:
  • Core OpenAPI module. You will not need to purchase it twice and any other custom integration will be discounted
  • Prepared API access configuration needed to this integration
  • Zip archive of python scripts to setup AWS lambda. AWS lambda hosting is free for 1 Million requests and 400 000 GB-seconds per month
  • Warranted support for the integration

How it works

Tested on Odoo
10.0 community
Tested on Odoo
10.0 enterprise

Telegram Leads

Module Installation

  • Install this module in a usual way


  • In Odoo nagivate to menu [[ OpenAPI ]] >> Integrations
  • Select integration telegram.
  • At Specification Link field there is an OpenAPI URL which is needed in next steps
  • At Allowed Users tab click on the admin. You will see OpenAPI token which is needed in next steps.
    • You can also set another user to call api methods on behalf of that user

Telegram Bot

  • In telegram client open BotFather
  • Send /newbot command to create a new bot
  • Follow instruction to set bot name and get bot token
  • Keep your token secure and store safely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot

AWS Lambda


Use Python 3.6


Function code

  • Set Code entry type to Upload a .zip file
  • Select from aws-lambda/ folder of this module

Environment variables

  • BOT_TOKEN -- the one you got from BotFather
  • LOGGING_LEVEL -- Level of loger. Allowed values: DEBUG, INFO, CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING. Default value: INFO
  • ODOO_OPENAPI_SPECIFICATION_URL -- Specification link
  • TELEGRAM_USERS -- comma separated list of telegram users ID. You can get one by sending any message to Get My ID bot


  • Use API Gateway* option
  • Set the security mechanism for your API endpoint as Open
  • Once you configure it and save, you will see Invoke URL under Api Gateway details section

Register telegram webhook

Tell telegram to send notifications to lambda function when bot receives new messages

# set your values

# execute command below without changes
curl -XPOST${BOT_TOKEN}/setWebhook --data-urlencode "url=${INVOKE_URL}"


  • In telegram: forward some messages to the bot
  • RESULT: messages are attached to new or existing leads


If something goes wrong feel free to Contact us at

We may need Odoo logs and CloudWatch logs information as well as proof of purchase.

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