MLM Application for Odoo



v 8.0 v 10.0 Third Party 4
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)
Accounting and Finance (account_accountant)
Website Builder (website)
Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name vit_mlm
Also available in version v 10.0 v 8.0
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Odoo for Multi Level Marketing Business

This custom addon is developed by for multi-level-marketing business. It extends the functionality of Odoo's Partner data, so they can be managed in a tree structured data required for MLM business. It uses PostgreSQL LTREE extension to do the job.

It leverages the D3js library for displaying tree structured data from within Odoo backend and website as well.

Based on the tree, we can then calculate the configured and implied bonunes for a partner from it's downlines.

This bonuses include:

  • sponsorship bonus
  • pair matched bonus
  • level bonus
  • development bonus
  • leadership bonus
  • etc

By understanding the code, you can easily implement your own bonus system at later time.

Watch our Youtube video for brief introduction of the module:

MLM Plan Configuration

Run your MLM business with specific Business Plan

One of the most important thing in MLM is the business plan. This defines how the MLM network business run by determining the bonus structure, how and when the bonus occurs, how much is the amount, for how many levels depth up or down, etc.

The module provides basic MLM business plan like star and binary plan, where we can define many parameters to suit out business plan.

Member Registration

Fully Customized Partner Form

Customized member form to suit MLM business, includes Upline Member, Sponsoring Member, Join Package, Product Purchased, Detailed Customer Info, etc.

Membership Tree

Display membership network tree in hierachical

Using D3JS the membership network tree is displayed dinamically where user can expand and collapse certain node in the tree

Bonus Calculation

Automatic Bonus Calculation when a downline is joined

Everytime a downline is joined and activated in the network, the upline or the sponsoring member will get the bonus automatically calculated depending on the MLM Business Plan setting.

Stockist Registration

Manage your stock locations and partners

Member that act as a stockist must be set is_stockist = True and we must create a Warehouse/Location for this stockist.

Stockist is considered as a Warehouse and linked to Partner Member (a the Warehouse Address field), in which the Sales Order can be created in the name of that Warehouse, and Odoo will automatically create stock movement from that Warehouse to the Customer location.

PostgreSQL Extension Configuration

Here are some things you can modify

The MLM addons need LTREE extension in order to easily traverse between nodes in the Partner's hierarchical structure. By default this extension is not installed on the PostgreSQL database. First, Install postgresql-contrib-9.3 package. On Linux, type this command:

# apt-get install postgresql-contrib

The vit_mlm module should automatically setup this, but in case you got some error regarding the LTREE extension, you can manually install it on Odoo PostgreSQL database, by executing these commands:

CREATE extension ltree;
ALTER table res_partner ADD column path_ltree ltree;
CREATE INDEX path_gist_res_partner_idx ON res_partner USING GIST(path_ltree);
CREATE INDEX path_res_partner_idx ON res_partner USING btree(path_ltree);

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