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Technical Name ks_dashboard_ninja
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0 v 13.0
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Technical Name ks_dashboard_ninja
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0 v 13.0
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Dashboard Ninja

Dashboard Ninja helps create beautiful, customized and robust dashboards for your different departments. With this easy to use app, you will be able to save your precious business hours and take major business decisions quickly by overseeing important stats on your self-configured dashboards.

Pre-configured Dashboard Ninja Apps

Dashboard Ninja is a base app that allow you to create dashboard of any odoo business model. We are also providing some free apps with pre-configured dashboard, that are listed below.
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Key Features

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    Fully configurable Dynamic Dashboards with animated charts
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    8 Chart Types supported Tile, Line chart, Bar chart(Stacked, Vertical, Horizontal), Pie chart(Semi/Full), Doughnut chart, Area chart, Polar Area chart, List view
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    Full Configuration of Tiles - (predefined font awesome icons or upload your icon), font color, background color, 6 predefined layouts, size
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    Target feature provided to set targets as line/bar on Bar Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, & Horizontal Chart
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    Auto refresh dashboard data after configured period of time (None, 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min)
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    Click info icon on charts or section of charts to view details in list view
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    Multi Company support
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    New Dashboard Item type - KPI card with comparison to Target & Previous period
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    Option on KPI tiles for Comparison of two query in Sum, Ratio or Percentage
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    New Axis for line chart if used with Bar chart
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    Configuration menu provided to create multiple dashboards under any Menu supporting Odoo’s default Access permissions
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    Configure Dashboard Items easily using Quick Edit Mode
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    Easy configuration of items using Odoo models, fields, domains.
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    Responsive design for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile phones
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    Limit your records to see limited records in any dashboard items like Top 10 products etc
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    3 predefined dashboard layout templates provided during creation of a new dashboard
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    Ability to change the color scheme for charts easily
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    20 Date filter options provided like Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 365 Days, This Month, This year, Custom Dates etc
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    Move or duplicate your dashboard item within the same or another dashboard
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    Export and Import complete dashboards between different databases
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    Export any chart item as Excel, CSV, PDF, PNG
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    Line Measure option that will show line in bar chart
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    Two list view types: Grouped, Ungrouped
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    Filter logged in user data using %UID in domain filter
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    Available for Community and Enterprise Edition in versions 10, 11, 12, 13

Our Releases

28th July, 2020

Latest Release 8.1.7

Fix date filter issue related to the user timezone.

15th July, 2020

Release 8.1.6

Improvement - Update Same Period Previous Years limit from last 10 years to 100 years.

Fix - Domain record click issue form the item view.

Fix - All-Time date filter changing issue after configure dashboard date filter.

Fix - Compatible issue with Leaderboard Ninja.

Fix - Dashboard date filter issue with goal value.

4th July, 2020

Release 8.1.5

Minor code changes related to dashboard date filters.

30th June, 2020

Release 8.1.4

Minor code changes related to custom date filter.

12th June, 2020

Release 8.1.3

Minor code changes related to mobile UI css.

8th June, 2020

Release 8.1.2

Feature - Added Month-Year date filter aggregation in Group by Date.

22nd May, 2020

Release 8.1.1

Improvement - Date field data will display in Date format instead of the DateTime format in the Ungrouped List View.

Fix - Tile and KPI item resize issue after quick customize the items.

Feature - Export to Excel in list view item.

Feature - Export to CSV in list view item.

Minor code changes in Save as Pdf feature.

Fix - Fixed issues related to Mobile UI.

19th March, 2020

Release 8.1.0

Fix - Fixed issues related to UI and languages.

5th March, 2020

Release 8.0.1

Fix - Minor bug fix related to CSS.

4th March, 2020

Release 8.0.0

Feature - Optimization of code decreasing loading time.

Feature - Added New date filters (Past Till Now, Past Excluding Today, Future Starting Now, Future Starting Tomorrow).

Feature - Configuration For Hiding and Showing Legends on Chart Items.

30th January, 2020

Release 7.0.3

Fix - Minor code changes in drill down related to quick edit view button.

6th January, 2020

Release 7.0.2

Fix - Minor bug fix related to the quick edit view.

30th December, 2020

Release 7.0.1

Fix - Minor bug fix related to the import item.

24th December, 2020

Release 7.0.0

Feature - Drill down feature in grouped list view

Feature - Sorting and record limit in drill down.

Feature - Allow users to Include/Compare their data with Previous Years by Same Period Previous Years option of all item.

Feature - Use of %MYCOMPANY in domain filter to filter logged in user company data.

Feature - Pagination in ungrouped list View.

Feature - Option to enable and disable data for items.

Feature - Allow user to export and import each item.

Improvement - Computed Fields in ungrouped List View.

Improvement - Add Drill Up text and increase size of drill up button.

Improvement - List view row alternate colors.

4th December, 2019

Release 6.3.3

Fix - Minor bug fix related to move/duplicate item.

20th November, 2019

Release 6.3.2

Fix - Minor bug fix related to translation.

8th November, 2019

Release 6.3.1

Fix - Item position issue when changing company.

Fix - Reset item update interval issue when saving layout.

Fix - Minor bug fix related to drill down.

31st October, 2019

Release 6.3.0

Fix - "Send by Email" issue in Safari browser.

Fix - import issue related to custom field.

18th October, 2019

Release 6.1.0

Feature - Ability to add custom unit and currency symbol on tooltip.

Feature - Target and deviation in grouped list view item.

Minor bug fix related to group by selection field.

24th September, 2019

Release 6.0.1

Minor Bug Fixes related to the Import/Export Dashboard.

Minor Bug Fixes related to Date time filtering on all items.

Fix - Minor bug related to date filter.

Fix - Minor bug related import Dashboard.

17th September, 2019

Release 6.0.0

Feature - Drill down on Chart Items.

Feature - Item Action to open particular view after viewing item information (can select any particular action).

Feature - Show Data Value Option for charts items (Data values) to show data values permanently.

Enhancement - Date filter show changes on the fly.

Enhancement - Show all possible field types in Group By and Subgroup By field selection for items.

Feature - Added two more date filter aggregation in Group by Date and Sub Group By Date : Hour and Minute.

Enhancement - Now user can set Single Item Refresh Interval instead of Dashboard in item configuration.

Feature - Easily re-arrange dashboard menu using Menu Sequence from Dashboard Configuration.

Enhancement - Removed the dependency of Sales Module from our app.

Enhancement - Now using Odoo default Date-picker in Dashboard Date Custom Filter Selection.

Enhancement - Now user can view item list of Dashboard/Dashboards and can delete/move/duplicate group of items at Once using List Action.

Feature - Allow users to Include/Compare their data with Previous Period by Include Period option.

Feature - Allow users to Include/Compare their data with Previous Years by Same Period Previous Years option.

Enhancement - Now user can view Global Target. line on their chart in Sub Group Case when grouped on Date type field.

9th September, 2019

Release 5.4.0

Feature - Allow users to Include/Compare their data with Previous Years by Same Period Previous Years option.

24th August, 2019

Release 5.4.0

Minor Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancement.

Date field compatibility with Mozila Firefox in list view.

22nd August, 2019

Release 5.3.2

Fix - Target Sorting on Date labels is now compatible with Multilingual.

Feasibility to compare your Data with Previous Periods data on chart Items.

21st August, 2019

Release 5.3.1

New Dashboard Item type - KPI card with comparison to Target & Previous period.

Added new Y-axis for line chart if used with Bar chart.

Feature to compare two models Data in KPI

New 5 Date filters provided, for example, "Next Day", "Next Month", etc.

Performance Enhancement - We have skipped the aggregation over computed fields in record field for Tile and KPI item types to increase performance of item loading.

Enhancement: Clicking on Full setting in quick edit Mode will open item form page in editable mode

Enhancement: Viewing Dashboard item information should carry forward the date filter in Odoo list view.

Feature provided for Number Formatting on Y-axis on chart items like K, G format.

Feature provided to Group by with Selection type fields.

Fix: Selection Field translation was not working on the Dashboard.

Fix: Empty dashboard with Auto Refresh timer set was giving js error.

Fix - Date Filter should carry forward to List View.

9th August, 2019

Release 4.0.0

Configure Dashboard Items easily using Quick Edit Mode.

Target feature provided to set targets on Bar Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, & Horizontal Chart.

Feature provided to consolidate data by Group By and Sub Group By

Feature to add thousands separator in the Charts and List View Dashboard Items (example 1,000,000.00).

Ease to change parent menu of a particular Dashboard even after initial creation of the Dashboard. This is not applicable on default Dashboard.

A particular month’s comparison with the same month of last year using Sub Group By

20 Date Filter options provided like This Month, Last Year, etc.

Feature provided to set Date Filter on Dashboard Items individually. This overrides overall Dashboard Date Filter for that item.

Feature to make your Doughnut and Pie chart into Semi-Doughnut and Semi-Pie chart.

Moved Dashboard Manager under Configuration menu.

Added Dashboard Ninja module icon to the app docker.

Revamped the view of Dashboard Item creation window.

12th July, 2019

Release 3.0.0

New Dashboard Item type - Stacked bar chart.

New Dashboard Item type - Horizontal & Vertical bar char.

Export and Import complete dashboards between different databases.

Added a field Line Measure that will show line in bar chart.

Two list view type Feature provided: Grouped, Ungrouped.

Use of %UID in domain filter to filter logged in user data.

Ability to display maximum 3 charts in one row.

24th June, 2019

Release 2.2.0

Auto refresh dashboard data after configured period of time (None, 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min).

Click info icon on charts or section of charts to see list view of data.

Multi Company support.

Preconfigured Sales Dashboard.

Easily resize and reposition items using drag and drop from Edit layout button at top right of header.

UI enhancement for Add & Edit Layout button in header along with some other minor UI updates.

Legends moved to bottom for Pie chart & Doughnut chart.

Frequently Asked Question

Is this app compatible with Odoo Enterprise?
Yes, our app works with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community.
Need some customization in this app, whom to contact?
Please drop email at sales@ksolves.com or raise a ticket through Odoo store itself.
Do you provide any free support?
Yes, we do provide free support for 90 days for any queries or any bug/issue fixing.
Is it possible to select a created Ninja Dashboard as the user's home page?
When you create a dashboard, an action is created with name : Menu Name + "Action". So for example if you create a dashboard with name : Project Dashboard. Go to any user page -> Preference -> Home Action and can select action with name : Project Dashboard Action.
I have mistakenly created a chart item on Sales Dashboard, instead of recreating it again, Can I move it or duplicate?
Yes, we have provided a feature to move and duplicate any item from one dashboard to another. When you mouseover any item you will see a copy icon or click on edit icon and from top center of screen there is Actions dropdown with options to move/duplicate items.
How to make a bar chart full size on the screen?
Pretty simple, just click on Gear like icon present at top right of screen and then click on edit layout option. Now, when you mouseover any tile or chart you will see resize icon at bottom right of item using which you can resize items as per your need.
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Ksolves will provide FREE 90 days support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issues related to this module. This is applicable from the date of purchase.


Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

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By far the best Dashboard module for Odoo
Frank Vogler
on 8/22/19, 5:57 AM

I just want to pass my compliments to the Ksolves team for making a great module. I have tested several apps to create visual dashboards in Odoo (v11), this is the only one that checks all the boxes. Very well designed, flexible and easy to use. Not only the module is great, the Ksolves team is very quick to reply to any query I have sent them, and they release new features in no-time. Even ahead of estimate in my case. If you're in the market for a Dashboard module for Odoo, this would be an excellent choice.

UPDATE: App Version 4.0.0 for Odoo 11 is LIVE now!
on 8/9/19, 1:16 PM Author

Please upgrade your app to the latest version. Thanks!