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Technical name odoo_web_login
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Odoo Web Login Screen v11

This project aims to give to you the new Odoo Web Login Screen



Installation process is at present stage only possible in manual way. Then go to you odoo webinterface to the module section and start "Update module list". Then look for the "Odoo Web Login Screen" in Apps (module list) and install. I hope you enjoy checking out what all you can do with this application.


Before installing the module make sure that the you have configured an addon path for custom addons. In a Linux system the parameter in the config file usually looks similar as the following example: specify additional addons paths (separated by commas) addons_path = /opt/odoo/odoo-server/addons, /opt/odoo/custom/addons In this case you have to install the modules into /opt/odoo/custom/addons. At the present stage on dependency could not automatically resolved so you have to install one extra module that vertical community depends on.


Maybe images in github do not fit with the Odoo apps, so you can check: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/11.0/odoo_web_login/ for more details. Thank you.

New Feature

  • Apply for module website (if installed).


Remmember that, install odoo_web_login after install module website. Or please upgrade odoo_web_login after install module website


Disable Manage Databases

Disable Manage Databases

Disable Manage Databases

Default Login Screen

Default Login Screen

Change Background by Hours

Night (from 0h -> 3h and 18h -> 23h):

Default Login Screen Night

Dawn (from 3h -> 7h):

Default Login Screen Dawn

Day (from 7h -> 16h):

Default Login Screen Day

Dusk (from 16h -> 18h):

Default Login Screen Dusk

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Excellent. Its very useful
by on

Excellent for Odoo11
by on

Hi, Great app for odoo11, Juste a little problem for vs 10 Thanks Patrick

road map
by on

In addition, It will be great if you could have a button back to homepage

Great and beautiful theme
by on

Great and beautiful theme

Very Good
by on

Perfect Option
by on

It's a great complement for odoo, easy to configure and It offers users a great personalization.

by on

Hi everyone, I was received quite a lot of email about the xml issue when you guys are trying to install my module for v11 which related with the body_classname. Please follow my steps below to remove/work around if you also face that. 1/ Install my module with a brand new database 2/ Incase you guys already installed other modules which also modified the login screen, please help me to remove line 11-13 on my source code file 'odoo_web_login/templates/webclient_templates.xml' More details can found here: https://github.com/xubiuit/odoo_web_login/issues/8#issuecomment-370304082 Thanks.