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Technical Name web_widget_table
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Web Widget Table

A module to add datatable https://datatables.net/ as a widget

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Use this widget by saying:

<field name="my_table" widget="widget_table" options="{
'field_name': 'child_ids', 'datatable_params':{'searching': False, 'paging': False, 'info': False}, 'fields': ['name','date_start', 'date_end', 'real_date_start', 'real_date_end', 'total_time'], 'headers': ['Name','Date Start', 'Date End', 'Real Date Start', 'Real Date End', 'Total Time']}"/>

"my_table" field must be of type char, it is only used to display the table. For example:

my_table = fields.Char(

You need to pass the following parameters:

This required parameter indicates a One2many field present in the model from which the fields parameter will refer
This required parameter is a list that indicates the fields from child_ids records that will be displayed in the datatable
The required parameter is a list of used string to display in the table header, they should be in the same order as the fields
This is to pass the datatable parameters https://datatables.net/manual/options, like:
paging; info; searching; scrollY; etc.

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