Change point key numpad by comma

v 12.0 Third Party 9
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Technical name account_change_pointxcomma
Required Apps Invoicing (account)

Install this application in odoo

After downloading and installing the application follow the steps below

The configuration of the numeric keypad is done by user and in the user's physical machine this in order to identify the ascii character of the key of that keyboard since each numeric keypad has an ascii code for that key

1. Place in developer mode

2. Go to /config/users and compay/users select users

3. Select a user by config key numpad

4. Go to the preferences tab

5. Enable the key code point option

6. A text box will appear, place the cursor on this box and press the dot key on your numeric keypad, the text box will appear the ASCII code of that tecal

7. Sve data

8. Refresh browser, press F5

9. Ready, Now you can use the period key in the numerical input inputs, exapmle sale order

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?? This is installed on an on premise dedicated server. We don't use odoo saas or

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Haaa ok, when you copied the app to your server, you restarted the server to generate the pyc rows and update the class inheritance in python, another important detail is the permissions in the module folder, if you did all this you know how to generate inheritance from views ?, what indicates the error is that it does not detect the action_id row in the current view that you have installed, which seems odd since odoo 12 enterprise also has this row by default, if you can give me the structure of your form with id = view_users_form you could see if you have this row and how to accommodate the view so you can detect inheritances

Error installation
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Can't install your app on Odoo 12 Enterprise. It returns an error when I click install button error log:

Re: Error installation
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The application only works with versions installed on its own server, where you can restart the server with odoo, in the case of odoo online you cannot restart the server so you cannot update python files