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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Website (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Lines of code 1439
Technical Name bi_internal_wallet
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 14.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 13.0 v 11.0
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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Website (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Lines of code 1439
Technical Name bi_internal_wallet
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 14.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 13.0 v 11.0

Odoo Customer Wallet Management for POS and Website in Odoo (Internal Wallet Management Odoo App)

This Odoo apps allow digital wallet/e-wallet facility in Odoo eCommerce/online store/webshop and POS. This Odoo module is complete features of customer digital wallet management system which manages the wallet balance, pay orders and bill using e-Wallet, recharge wallet. Single wallet use on point of sale as well as on Odoo Website/Webstore. Accounting entries managed properly Whenever wallet amount use for payment or recharge done for wallet as well as when first time balance allocated on wallet. This Odoo apps also have automatic email send features when wallet amount will be updated i.e Recharge or payment from wallet.

If you want to manage customer wallet on Odoo then this will be the good Odoo app for use. By using this app you can easily add/update wallet balance of your customer . This wallet can be used as Payment on time of pos payment and eCommerce Order Payment with specific Journal. Customer wallet balance can easily shown on each customer card and on POS screen as well as on Website Wallet section. So don't need to go back and check each customer's wallet balance. It has feature to pay partially or fully using Wallet and rest of the payment can also able to pay using other payment method(On Both POS and Website).

Odoo website/ecommerce store digital wallet helps client engagement increased by build community of wallet user, you can attract more customers by giving offer and discount on your wallet This module allow digital wallet/e-wallet facility in Odoo eCommerce also on Point of Sale as Odoo e-Wallet it is must have feature for your Odoo.

Looking for only Website Wallet Management Odoo App,please check below module link
Website Wallet Management Odoo App.

Looking for only POS Wallet Management Odoo App, please check below module link
POS Wallet Management Odoo App.


Provides Digital Wallet Feature

Provides Digital Wallet Feature in your website and Point of Sale. Allows Individual to make electronic transaction.

Wallet in Secure Place

Secure Place that contain one or more currency purses.

Pay Bill Using Wallet

User can easy to pay bill amount using wallet.

Create New Wallet Payment Method

User can easy to create new wallet payment method.

Accounting Journal Entries

User can see all credit/debit updated transaction accounting entries.

Wallet Configuration

User can easy to configure wallet with his system.

Validation on Wallet

Easy to validate wallet transaction like, insufficient wallet amount, Pay more amount than order total amount.

Automatic Email Send

Automatic Email Send to customer while using or recharging Wallet Balance.

Reconciled Payment Journal Entries

User can see all Reconciled Payment Journal Entries.

Customer Validation

Easy to validate customer on pos screen when use and recharge wallet.

POS Order Validation

Easy to POS order validate, if pos order is empty then arise warning message.

Many Way Recharge Wallet

User can easy to recharge Wallet like, recharge wallet on pos screen, recharge wallet on website, recharge wallet in backend.

Multi Currency Functionality.

User can add wallet balance using multi currency, but wallet amount & payment entry will be in company currency.

Add Wallet Balance Manually.

Now user can add wallet balance manually from backend.

Odoo Website Wallet

Website Wallet Configuration

User can enable/disable wallet in Website with Configuration. If "Allow Website Wallet" is checked then Wallet will be visible in website and wallet balance can be redeemed in order.

User Wallet Details on Website

User can see and add the balance of the wallet. Click 'Add Wallet Balance' to recharge your wallet. After Clicking enter the recharge amount and then click 'Add Wallet Balance'. Then wallet recharge product will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Confirm the order with the wallet recharge product and the wallet balance will be updated.

User can add balance into wallet using "Add Wallet Balance" button.

User can Checkout Process.

User can confirmed payments.

Order successfully confirmed.

Automatic Email Notification to the Customer

After you recharge your wallet, automatic email notification will be send with the recharge amount detail

Recharge Wallet using Multi-currency

User an also recharge wallet using multi currency.

User can Checkout Process.

User can confirmed payments.

Order successfully confirmed.

Wallet Transaction Portal view

User can check wallet transactions details from "My Account". Click to see the wallet transactions

See all Details of Wallet Transactions.

From the back-end see the wallet balance, also Admin can add wallet balance in customer wallet.

Payment Acquires Configurations

User have to enable "Need Approval" to use payment acquires as wallet.

Make Payment using Wallet

You can see Wallet Payment Option with Wallet Balance in Payment page.

When you click "Use Wallet", Total Amount of Order will be deduct from the Wallet Balance.

Order Confirmed successfully.

Wallet Transaction Display in Sale Order

In the Back-end, Wallet Amount & Wallet Transaction will be display in sale order.

All Wallet Transactions

Wallet Transactions will be created as per selected sales order,customer,amount.

Wallet Transactions Detail

You can also see the in the wallet transactions with wallet transaction id.

Automatic Email Notification to the customer

After you use your wallet balance in the order, automatic email notification will be send with the used amount detail.

Point Of Sale with Wallet

Payment Method Configuration

User must be configure payment method, like wallet.

Payment Methods

We create a "Wallet" in accounting for payment. Which is also show in POS configuration payment options.

Add balance to POS wallet

You can add balance to customer's wallet from "Wallet Recharge".

Recharge Wallet

In wizard select payment journal and enter amount.

Updated Wallet Balance

Wallet Transaction Entries

In wallet transaction display credit entry for customer wallet.

In wallet transaction entry display amount,customer and type.

Payment Entries In Accounting

Customer's wallet payment entries will be display here.

Payment will be Generated.

Reconciled payment journal entries.

Wallet Recharge on Point Of Sale

You can also add balance to customer's wallet from POS.

POS Wallet Recharge Wizard, in that you need to select payment journal and enter amount to add balance.

A simple Pop-up appears that display message that "wallet is recharge successfully"

You can see the balance is added to customer's wallet.

Wallet Transaction Entries

In wallet transaction display credit entries for customer wallet.

Customer's wallet balance is also appear on POS home screen.

Pay POS Payment by Wallet

Customer can pay less amount from his wallet for total amount. And for remaining amount he/she can use another journal(payment option).

After done payment, see payment receipt.


  • No Customer Error: We can not use wallet payment option if there is no customer selected. It will be raise Error popup.
  • No Product Error : if product is not selected then It will be raise Error popup in POS.
  • Credit Availability : Customer should not pay more than its balance availability and not more than order amount.
  • Credit Availability : Customer has not sufficient Wallet Balance to Pay.

Wallet Transactions in Back-end POS Order

In Customer's form view,you can see the deducted wallet balance with no of wallet transaction entry.

Wallet Transaction Entries

In wallet transaction display credit and debit entries for customer wallet.

In POS, display customer's wallet transaction entry details with used amount for order and pos order number, also display payment type.

Payment Entries In Accounting

Customer's wallet payment entries will be display here.

Payment will be Generated.

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Too many bugs
Jaime Escobar
on 10/2/20, 9:51 AM

Re: Too many bugs
on 10/2/20, 11:01 AM Author

Hello sir 

There is no any bugs, you havent reported any we have dropped you few emails, we didn;t anything from you 

please let us know if you have any issue our team will schedule meeting solve all your issue 

as far as we know app has no bugs sir , many our client are using it we will wait for your reply


Works fine, very reactive support
on 1/4/19, 8:59 AM

I reported their support 2 small issues / evolutions, and they fixed it very quickly

Issues reported not solved
Jaime Escobar
on 10/2/20, 3:23 PM Confirmed Purchase

I provided a list of observed problems with the app, with a description and screenshots taken from the app. so far i just got messages saying that you wan to contact me, but what i need is to solve the list problems that i sent. So please send an update or provide a repo where i can get the fixed code.

Re: Issues reported not solved
on 10/2/20, 7:12 PM Author

Hello sir 

1. in wallet recharge section we have not display pos payment journal. but we made payment with account journal. cause pos payment journal and account journals are different in odoo unless its cash type.
so in the wallet recharge whatever the account journal of cash/bank type, will show in dropdown.

2. checking the issue

For 3,4,5. 
in Wallet journal we've given one checkbox "Wallet Journal" that need to be checked for wallet journal. Then the credit/debit transactions and update of wallet balance in customer will be proper. is it already checked ?

if you can discuss with our team we can schedule meeting clear all queries sir