EPSON ePOS.Fiscal Printer Hardware Driver



v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 4
Technical Name hw_epson_epos_fiscal
Also available in version v 11.0 v 12.0
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Technical Name hw_epson_epos_fiscal
Also available in version v 11.0 v 12.0

EPSON ePOS.Fiscal printer meets Odoo

The best solution for fiscal receipt.

Enhance your point of sale

Print directly your order to your fiscal printer.

  • Supports FP-81II RT, FP-90III and FP-90III RT via Ethernet/XML.
  • Your epson fiscal printer will be configured directly into you point of sale.
  • Setup your POSBox with our step by step guide.
  • Look at pos_epson_epos_fiscal on odoo apps store to get the complete suite.
  • Devdoc and examples are bundled inside.
  • Perfectly integrated with any Odoo app. No effort is required for integration with your module, just install and it works.

Epson ePOS.Fiscal Printer Hardware Driver Reference Documentation

Installation & users setup

Before installing the module, your python environment must have xmltodict package installed.

pip install xmltodict


If you do not install the library properly, when you run your odoo application, it will return a module not found exception.

After library installation, you can put this module into odoo posbox addons directory /home/pi/odoo/addons. Next step is edit file /etc/init.d/odoo, adding this module name at the end of modules list into the _start function.

Installation Note

Usually POSBox images are set in read only mode, you need to disable this option in your before running it and then you can install xmltodict package. To disable read-only mode into file system you need to mount the posbox image and edit the file /etc/fstab in the root (/) line, removing ro option with rw. Remember to reset this option to default after dependency installation, otherwise you can have data loss or image corruption in case of power cutting.

Driver setup

Before you run the PoSBox you need to correctly configure the module. Open file and edit the following parameters: * LED DISPLAY SETTINGS:

  • DEFAULT_TEXT: Welcome message (max 40 character, 20 for each line)
  • TOTAL_LABEL: Grand total label (max 10 characters)
  • CHANGE_LABEL: Change Label (max 10 characters)

There are more settings that you can change, just read the description related into the file.

Run setup

Remember to add this module to the list of module loaded at the startup. This module need to be the last, so it can override properly the hw_proxy method in order to print correctly receipt.

Here is an example of run configuration:

./odoo-bin --config <path_to_odoo_poxbox>/odoo/addons/point_of_sale/tools/posbox/configuration/odoo.conf --load=web,hw_proxy,hw_posbox_homepage,hw_scale,hw_scanner,hw_escpos,hw_epson_epos_fiscal

Printer status check

After you correctly edit the you are able to run the PosBox. This module adds on PosBox status page the EPSON printer status, so you can open on a computer on the same network this link http://<POSBOX_IP>:8069/hw_proxy/status and check the hardware status of all devices connected to the PosBox (fiscal printer included).

If the configuration is done correctly and leave SHOW_MESSAGE_AT_STARTUP to True, you fiscal printer will show your welcome message on LED Display.

Known Issues

  • devid parameter sent to printer is local_printer, a configurable devid is desiderable
  • driver does not handle multiple operator on the same fiscal printer, this because z report from printer can be sent only from one session at a time. In case of multiple operator we have multiple session: who will sent the z report? How he knows that all other sessions are cloesed?


1.0.0 (First release)

  • first release of ht epson epos fiscal printer module

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by on Confirmed Purchase

I whould by your module but I can't install xmltodic in my posbox. after the command: pip3 install xmltodict Collecting xmltodict Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement xmltodict (from versions: ) No matching distribution found for xmltodict I tried to install pip for phyton2.7 but you tell me it is deprecated

by on Author

Pealse, can you write what is the raspberry pi version?. And also witch version of raspbian is installed? Posbox for Odoo v12 requires python3. Did you try to install libraries with explicit reference to python3 line "pip3 install xmltodict" ?