Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet

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Technical name odoo_job_costing_management
LicenseSee License tab
Read description for v 13.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0
Required Apps Project (project)
Inventory (stock)
Task Logs (hr_timesheet)
Purchase (purchase)
Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)
Employees (hr)
Included Dependencies
Technical name odoo_job_costing_management
LicenseSee License tab
Read description for v 13.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0
Required Apps Project (project)
Inventory (stock)
Task Logs (hr_timesheet)
Purchase (purchase)
Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)
Employees (hr)
Included Dependencies

Project Job Costing / Contracting and Job Cost Sheet

This module allow you to manage any type of Project/Contracts with its job costing (contracting) and job cost sheets.

  • Main Features:
    • Allow you to create job cost sheets for your projects/contract.
    • Allow you to have Project/Contract with Job orders.
    • Allow you to create Project/Job Notes.
    • Allow you to create Job Order Notes.
    • Allow you to manage material requision for Job orders.
    • Allow you to set BOQ for Jobs.
    • Allow you to configure/setup Material, Labour and Overheads on jobs cost sheet where you can plan for your different jobs of your project/contract.
    • Allow you to have multiple job cost sheet for single project/job/contract.
    • PDF reports for Job Cost Sheet and Job Orders.
    • Job Types setup for different types of job you are doing for your customers.
    • Custom job stages for your job orders.
    • Allow you to setup your subcontractors.
    • Allow your employee/workers to fill timesheet based on job they are doing and allow to select job cost center on timesheet lines/activities.
    • Materials Requisition / BOQ request and manage. This also allow on the fly creating purchase orders from Materials Requisition / BOQ.
    • Unique sequence for job cost sheets.
    • Create subtask/sub jor orders for main job order/task.
    • Manage material planning and consumption per job order (Manually).
    • Gives complete idea about your planned cost and actual cost since system allow you to setup planned amount for material, labours, overhead on job cost sheet and same time show actual amounts showing on cost sheet automatically. This actual amount is based on linking purchase order, vendor bills, timesheets where system allow you to select Job cost center and Cost line on Purchase order, Vendor bills and Timesheets.
    • Main feature of this actual cost is that if you do not select Cost line on Purchase order, Vendor bills and Timesheets then system will crete/add new cost sheet line under that job cost center on confirmation of document.
    • For more details: See Video in live preview

  • Highlighted Steps:
    • Create Project/Contract -> Create Job Orders -> Create Multiple Job Cost Sheets under Same Project -> Plan your materials, labour and overhead for each Jobs -> View of Planned and Actual Amount/Qty by each Cost Sheet Lines (Material, Labour and Overheads) -> Allow your purchase, accounting and HR department to select cost center (cost sheet) and cost center line (cost sheet line) to encode for expenses and labour works. -> Create Material Requision Request -> Prepare Notes/ToDo lists for Projects and Jobs. -> .....
  • Menus Available:
    • Jobs
      • Job Costs
        • Job Cost Sheets
      • Projects
        • Projects
        • Project Notes
      • Job Orders
        • Job Orders
        • Job Notes
        • NOT AVAILABLE IN Odoo11 Project Issues
      • Sub Contractors
        • Sub Contractors
      • Materials / BOQ
        • Materials
        • Materials Requisition / BOQ
      • Configuration
        • Stages
        • Job Types

For More Features please see:

Job Cost Sheet Preparation for Project/Contract/Job

Job Cost Sheets with Material Tab

Job Cost Sheets with Labour Tab

Job Cost Sheets with Overheads Tab

Job Cost Sheets Showing Total Cost of All Tabs

Create Project/Contract/Job

Create Job Notes for Project/Contract/Job

Creating Job orders for Project/Contract/Job

Kanban View of Job Orders

Job Order with Timesheet Tab

Job Order with Material Plannings Tab

Job Order with Consume Materials Tab

Job Order with Material Requisitions Tab

Materials/ BOQ Management

Materials/Labour/Overhead Configuration for Project/Contract/Job

Materials Requisitions / BOQ for Project/Contract/Job

Configuration of Job Types for Project/Contract/Job

Job Types

Create Purchase Order for Project/Contract/Job

Request for Quotation

Create Purchase Order Line WITHOUT selecting Job Cost Line.

After Confirm Purchase Order System will Add Job Cost Sheet Line Automatically

Job Cost Sheet Showing Added Line

If user select job cost line on Purchase order then system will not add new line but system will compute purchased quantity and show it to cost sheet.

Vendor Bills allow You to Select Job Cost and Cost Line

Showing Actual Purchased Quantity, Actual Invoice Quantity

Showing Actual Hours On Labour Job Cost

Smart Button on Cost Sheet

Show Purchase order lines, Timesheet Lines, and Account Invoice Line From Given Buttons.

Related Purchase Order lines for Cost Sheet

Related Timesheet Lines for Cost Sheet

Related Account Invoice Line for Cost Sheet

Reports by System

Project/Contract/Job Report Sample

Job Order Report Sample

Job Cost Sheet Report Sample

Product/Material Purchase Requisitions by Employees/Users

  • Main Features:
    • Allow your employees to Create Purchase Requisition.
    • Employees can request multiple material/items on single purchase Requisition request.
    • Approval of Department Head.
    • Approval of Purchase Requisition Head.
    • Email notifications to Department Manager, Requisition Manager for approval.
    • Request for Purchase Requisition will go to stock/warehouse as internal picking / internal order and purchase order.
    • Warehouse can dispatch material to employee location and if material not present then procurment will created by Odoo standard.
    • Purchase Requisition user can decide whether product requested by employee will come from stock/warehouse directly or it needs to be purchase from vendor. So we have field on requisition lines where responsible can select Requisition action: 1. Purchase Order 2. Internal Picking. If option 1 is selected then system will create internal order / internal picking request and if option 2 is selected system will create multiple purchase order / RFQ to vendors selected on lines.
    • For more details please see Video on live preview or ask us by email...

Employee Stock Location on Employee Form

Department Stock Location on Department Form

Employee Create Request for Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition Request Confirmed By Employee

Purchase Requisition Waiting for Department Approval

Department Manager Approve Purchase Requisition Request

Purchase Requisition Head Approve Purchase Requisition Request

Create Picking and Purchase order based on Requisition Action

If stock is available then Purchase Requisition user can select Internal Picking in Requisition Action on Requisition line and if stock is not avialable and if they want to create purchase order they can select multiple vendors and system will create multiple RFQ's based on Vendors selected on lines.

Received Purchase Requistion Button

Received State on Purchase Requistion

Print Purchase Requisition PDF Report

Joborder Sequence

Contact / Support
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Skype: mustufa_probuse

Probuse Consulting Service Pvt Ltd is an Software and Web development specialist which offers complete business application together. We are well experienced to provide a face for your business on the software and Internet level.

Probuse Consulting Service Pvt Ltd is a specialist in Odoo/OpenERP services and could give your business open source hand to drive.

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The installation ask for Material Purchase Requisitions
by on

Hello, I can't install this module, it ask for Material Purchase Requisitions that non included in the downloaded zip.

Re: The installation ask for Material Purchase Requisitions
by on

Hello Abdillah, odoo_job_costing_management app is depend on and when you buy module odoo_job_costing_management odoo always add that (material_purchase_requisitions) in to your cart automatically so it must be in download. If you can not find in download that mean you may have manually remove material_purchase_requisitions from your cart while buying. Please check. For more details open ticket in odoo support channel using this link. Thank you and best regards, Mustufa Rangwala (

Excellent support from Mustufa!
by on

He helped us at all times to solve installation problems, very grateful

Re: Excellent support from Mustufa!
by on

Hi Sebastian, Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a great review, we really appreciate it. Regards, Mustufa Rangwala

hello we have bought 3 modules and we need your help with an error when installing the project job module costing
by on

raise UserError(_("You try to install module '%s' that depends on module '%s'.\nBut the latter module is not available in your system.") % (,,)) odoo.exceptions.UserError: ("You try to install module 'odoo_job_costing_management' that depends on module 'material_purchase_requisitions'.\nBut the latter module is not available in your system.", '') 2019-07-08 21:03:21,785 7 INFO climaction-prod-app-odoo-job-costing-management-2-478110 odoo.service.server: Initiating shutdown 2019-07-08 21:03:21,786 7 INFO climaction-prod-app-odoo-job-costing-management-2-478110 odoo.service.server: Hit CTRL-C again or send a second signal to force the shutdown. odoo-bin process returned error code 255.

Re: hello we have bought 3 modules and we need your help with an error when installing the project job module costing
by on

Hello, You will have to buy dependant module and install on your server since it is required in odoo_job_costing_management installation. For further questions you can opne ticket in odoo support channel by going into your odoo account and open order and raise support ticket for module. Regards, Mustufa Rangwala

by on

Dear sir I saw your construction app and saw the video but I need to send me test link urgent and need ask some questions about costing method and pricing method for customers before do any project ? how can we do this ?

do you have demo for the app
by on

do you have demo for the app

Re: do you have demo for the app
by on

Please contact us by email to

by on

its awsome, the support its great too