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Technical name odoo_office365
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Required Apps Sales
Technical name odoo_office365
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps Sales

Odoo Office 365

Use Odoo Office 365 to sync calendar and mails between ODOO and office 365


Odoo is a fully integrated suite of business modules that encompass the traditional ERP functionality. Odoo office 365 Connector provides the opportunity to sync calendar and mail between ODOO and office 365.

Manage Your!

office 365 Integration

office 365 Calendar

office 365 Mail

office 365 Task

Key Features And Functions

  • Sync ODOO calendar to office 365
  • Sync office 365 calendar to ODOO
  • Sync office 365 Mail to ODOO
  • Sync ODOO Mail messages to office 365
  • Sync ODOO tasks to office 365
  • Sync office 365 tasks to ODOO

office 365 Credentials

  • You must have a microsoft account to use this connector.
  • Go to https://apps.dev.microsoft.com/#/appList and create an app
  • Open the app and you can see Application Id. It is also your client ID.
  • You can see Generate New Password button underneath it. Generate a password and save this password as you can only view this password once.
  • You can see Platform section under it. Add a web platform here and also provide domain of your ODOO instance in redirect URI field, It is https://apps.dev.microsoft.com/ .
  • Open ODOO. Go to settings --> users & companies --> office 365
  • Enter client id and secret (password that you generate earlier), Redirect URI and Microsoft Account credentials (Email and password) and click Generate Token.
  • If given credentials are right, then you will see a prompt 'Token Generated'
  • That's all you need to get connection of ODOO with Microsoft office 365

Sync Calendar

  • Now Go to office 365 Calendar tab
  • Click Sync office 365 Calendar to ODOO button. Now if you go to ODOO calendar you can see your meetings from office 365 calendar are imported in ODOO
  • Click Sync ODOO Calendar to office 365 button. Now if you go to ODOO calendar you can see your meetings from ODOO calendar are exported to Office 365

ODOO Calendar

  • Now Go to ODOO calendar, here you can see your meetings are synced.

Office 365 Mail

  • You can send messages to the customer by your office 365 Mail
  • Go to CRM > leads. open a lead. In the bottom you can send messages to the customer. These messages will be sent to the customer's email by your office 365 mail
  • You can also send attachemts as well
  • You can perform same for lead, opportunity, quotaion, sale order, invoice and customer

Import office 365 Mails(inbox and sent) to ODOO Mail

  • Now Go to settings--> users and open user. In office 365 Mail Sync tab.
  • Here you can see button.
  • Click Import Customers Mails if you want to sync your Mails for Customer. You can view customers mails in sales--> customers app.

Send ODOO messages to user's email

  • Now Go to Customer to which send Mail,here when you send message in Contact it will be sent to Customer's email address using your office 365 credentials. It Also supports sending attachments.

Message in ODOO

Sent Mail

Sync tasks between office 365 and ODOO

  • Go to Settings --> users --> Administrator --> office 365 Task tab
  • Click Import Tasks From office 365 to ODOO button. Now go to sales --> order --> customers. At the end in Planned activities section you can view synced tasks. If you delete a task in office 365 then when you will sync task in ODOO that deleted task will be deleted from ODOO as well.
  • Click Export Tasks From ODOO to office 365 button. All user(logged in)’s tasks from ODOO will be exported to office 365. Also if you go to sales --> order --> customers and create an activity. This activity will also be created in office 365 as Task. Now if you delete this task in ODOO it will be deleted in office 365 as Well.

Auto Schedulers

  • Go to settings > Technical > Automation > Scheduled Action
  • Here you can see schedulers to sync data between office 365 and odoo
    • Auto office 365 calendar export
    • Auto office 365 calendar import
    • Auto office 365 tasks export
    • Auto office 365 tasks import
    • Sync office 365 Mail

Setting Rights for other Users to use Office365 functionality

  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Go to Settings --> groups --> Open any Group for which need to add Rights
  • Add Office365 setting and user setting Access Rights in selected Group

License Terms

Package is non distributable and can only be used by the organization which is buying the package

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hi sir, we are interressing about your odoo office 365 module. it's possible to give us a trial to test it ?

Asking for Office Planer Sync
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Hello, can you add features sync between Odoo Project & Office Planner Sync? If you can sync Odoo Project then i can bought module from you.