PLM Automatic Weight

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Plm Automatic Weight

This module allows you compute product weight due to Normal BOM calculation, using CAD weight or setting a custom weight.

How it works:

Normal BOM Computation

  • Go to Search on Engineering Parts and select one or more products:
  • Go to the action Menu

  • Click the Compute Bom Weight action, bom weight is computed and NBOM Weight Computed field is evaluated:

Product Weight Computation

Once you have the weight computed you can decide how weight has to be computed, so enter in edit mode on a single product:
  • You can find three possibilities to compute weight:

    • Use Net Weight: In production step only gross weight is used.
    • Use CAD Weight: CAD Weight is added to Additional Weight ad result is set in in Gross Weight.
    • Use Normal Bom: NBOM Weight Computed is added to Additional Weight and the result is set in Gross Weight.

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