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Technical name report_creator
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Technical name report_creator
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0

Report Creator


To use this module, you need to install pdfkit "pip install pdfkit"

Sometimes we need to generate report and we don't have time to code. With this module you can create a report any time, you only need a query to get the data. See demo video here

Report Creator Configuration

Only user with access report creator user or report creator manager who can access report creator menu.
1.Go to Settings -> Users & Companies -> Users, choose user and give access as report creator user or manager.
2.Go to Report Creator -> Configuration -> Settings , in this menu define path to store your report(It is mandatory).

Define A report

1. Go to Report Creator -> Report Definition -> Create new report definition. If the report is xls/csv you dont need report template,but if it is PDF, you need report template.
-Name : this is the name or your report.
-Export As : you can choose the file will be generated to xls,csv or pdf(if pdf you need to make template for your report)
-Export Fields : this the fields you want to export in your report, for example you wan to export login, company_id, partner_id from res_users, in this case you need to fill ['login','company_id','partner_id'] in your export fields.
-Query : define a query to get the data, for example select * from res_users, when generate report you can use start date and end date as parameters, to do this just put '%(start_date)s' , '%(end_date)s', for example full query : select * from account_analytic_line where date >= '%(start_date)s' and date <= '%(end_date)s'.
2. After define a report you can test the query and see the data, just click button Test Query.

Report Template

1. Go to Report Creator -> Report Template, Create a a template for your report, in this case you can use bootstrap css class.
2. Fetch data, you need to do for iteration and call your export fields, for example :
login,active,company_id are our export fields.
{% for result in results %}
{% endfor %}

Generate Report

1. Go to Report Creator -> Generate Report, wizard(pop up) will show, choose start, end date and click button generate report.

Report Results

1. You can see and download the reports, go to Report Creator -> Results, choose your report and click button download.

Get In touch

1. Free support for this module in case any bug.
2. If you need to develop odoo module or make custom module feel free to contact me.
3. E-mail :

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