v 15.0 Third Party
This module requires Odoo Enterprise Edition.
Required Apps Accounting (account_accountant)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Inventory (stock)
Lines of code 9245
Technical Name bista_shopify_connector
Also available in version v 13.0
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Odoo Shopify Connector

Odoo Shopify Connector

Shopify connector allows you to connect with Shopify stores with Odoo and has the ability to Synchronize data from Shopify to Odoo and Odoo to Shopify


Connect with multiple Shopify store
Import Locations fromShopify to Odoo
Import Collection (Manual/Automated) from Shopify to Odoo
Update Collection from Shopify to Odoo
Export Collection (Manual/Automated) from Odoo to Shopify
Import Customers from Shopify to Odoo along with addresses
Update Customers from Shopify to Odoo
Import Products from Shopify to Odoo
Export Products from Odoo to Shopify
Sync Products from Shopify to Odoo
Import Stock from Shopify to Odoo
Export Stock from Odoo to Shopify
Configurable order workflow from Draft orders to payment
Manage Shopify order custom product line mapping in Odoo
Import Sales order from Shopify to Odoo
Create payment in Odoo or Create down-payment in Odoo if paid in Shopify
Process delivery orders in Odoo if fulfilled in Shopify(partial/full)
Update order status in Shopify if delivery processed in Odoo
Generate the final invoice upon delivery and reconcile it with payment/down-payment.
Import Refund from Shopify to Odoo in form of credit note


To connect odoo with Shopify user needs to add Shop URL, API Key and Password for Shopify Shop
Shopify Order Image
Shop URL: Add Shopify Shop URL.
API Key: Add an API key to shopify private applications.
Password : Add the password of your shopify private application.
Company: Select the company of shopify Application.
Active : Active/Inactive shopify config.
After filling up all the required fields. Click on the "CHECK CONNECTION' button. If all the credentials of shopify is valid
it will go to "Success State and you will find Several new tabs , 1) Workflow 2) Common Configuration 3) Webhook 4) Sync
Date Info. If the credential is not valid it will raise an error and go to "Fail" state
Auto workflow configuration which will allow users to configure whether to Confirm Order, create invoice, validate invoice, Register Payment.
Sales Team: Sales team which will be selected on sales orders by default. Discount Product: Product used for Shopify Discount lines. Shipping Product: Product used for Shopify Shipping charges. Warehouse: Default warehouse which will be added to Sales Orders. Customer: Set a default customer which will be used when there is no customer on shopify orders. Create Odoo Products: Whether to create products in Odoo or not if they do not exist. Sync Product Images: Import product images while importing products from Shopify. Validate Inventory Adjustment: Whether to auto-validate inventory adjustment created during import stock operation. Use Shopify Order Sequence: If checked, Order will be created with Shopify order number else with Odoo default sequence. Sync Product with: SKU - Connector will match SKU in both the system while syncing products. Barcode - Connector will match Barcode in both the system while syncing products. SKU or Barcode - Connector will sync products based on Barcode or SKU.
Analytic Account: Analytic Account which will be added on Sales orders and Invoices imported through this configuration. Pricelist: Pricelist to be set on sales order. Receivable Account: Receivable account will be assigned to customers while importing customers. Payable Account: Payable account will be assigned to customers while importing customers. Do you want to go with unearned revenue payment flow?: Whether to add payment in Odoo as down-payment or normal payment. Unearned Revenue Account: Account which will be used on invoice when there is advance payment. Payment Term: Default payment term to be added on sales order while importing sales order. Tax Account: Tax account to be selected on Taxes(Repartition for Invoices) while creating new tax on import order operation. Tax Account on Credit Notes: Tax account to be selected on Taxes(Repartition for Credit Notes) while creating new tax on import order operation
Configure webhook for Real-Time Operations for Create Order, Update Order, Import Stock, Import Product, Import Customers.
It will store last import dates for Customer, Products, Order, Refund and Return.
Dashboard illustrates data summary for multiple shopify stores in one screen.
Import Collections
It will import collection data from Shopify for manual and automated collections along with images.
Import Locations
This operation will create a Shopify warehouse with the store name and multiple locations under that store with the same name as in Shopify.
Import Customers
This operation will import customers from Shopify alongwith addresses
Import Orders
This operation will import orders from Shopify along with customers, products, Price, Taxes, Discount, Shipping and Payments
Import Products
It will link products from Shopify with Odoo products by creating a layer between two. If a product is not available in Odoo, the system will create it only if 'Create Odoo Products' is enabled on configurations
Import Stocks
Import stock will create inventory adjustment from Odoo based on stock level in Shopify. If "Validate Inventory Adjustment?' is checked, the system will validate it.
Import Refunds
It will import refunds from Shopify in the form of credit notes whether it is partial or full. Credit notes will be posted and paid if it is configured to do so.
Import Returns
Returns processed in Shopify will be imported via this option. Connector will generate a return on sales order against items restocked in Shopify.
Export Collections
Export collection will create collections in Shopify based on data entered in Odoo for manual or automated collection.
Export Products
It will export products to Shopify if it is not linked already along with variant and other details.
Export Stock
This would export stock data in Shopify by setting inventory level to the same as in Odoo.
Export Refund
Credit notes created in Odoo will be exported to Shopify as refunds along with restock data if any.
This will push delivery data in the form of fulfillments into Shopify.
Logs/Reasons related to failed import export can be seen under error logs which can help users to trace what transactions were unsuccessful.

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