Follow-UP - Choose payments

v 6.1 Third Party 202
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Technical name account_followup_choose_payment
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Required Apps Accounting and Finance (account_accountant)
eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

Based on account_followup, this modules allows to send follow-ups selecting the single (overdue) payments you want to notify to customers.

Follow-Ups are configured through 'account_followup' module. The order follow-ups are sent with is set by the sequence field.

There are two main macro-functionalities: - Print follow-ups (increasing follow-up level) - Re-print old follow-ups

Re-print old follow-ups

Opening the 'Sent Follow-Ups' list, user can choose to re-print some old follow-ups. As for new follow-ups, user can select several payments. The system groups payments by partner and follow-up level and prints each group in a PDF page. This time follow-up level will not be increased.

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