Pexego - Account Admin Tools

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Technical name pxgo_account_admin_tools
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Required Apps eInvoicing (account)

Account Tools for Administrators

Import tools:

  • Import accounts from CSV files. This may be useful to import the initial accounts into OpenERP.
  • Import account moves from CSV files. This may be useful to import the initial balance into OpenERP.

Check and Repair tools:

  • Check the Chart of Accounts for problems in its structure. This will allow you to detect incoherences like the ones caused by bugs like (the preordered tree [parent_left/parent_right] not matching the parent-child structure [parent_id]).
  • Revalidate confirmed account moves so their analytic lines are regenerated. This may be used to fix the data after bugs like The wizard also lets you find account moves missing their analytic lines.
  • Set the receivable/payable account of the partners, in moves and invoices where a generic receivable/payable account was used instead.
  • Set the parent reference in account move lines where the receivable/payable account associated with the partner was used, but a partner reference wasn't set. This may fix cases where the receivable/payable amounts displayed in the partner form does not match the balance of the receivable/payable accounts.
  • Set the reference in account moves, associated with invoices, that do not have the right reference (the reference from the invoice if it was a supplier invoice, or the number from the invoice if it was a customer invoice). This is useful to fix the account moves after changing the invoice references.

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