Excel report engine

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Excel report engine

This module adds Excel export capabilities to the standard OpenERP reporting engine.

Report development

In order to create an Excel report you can

  • define a report of type 'xls'
  • pass {'xls_export': 1} via the context to the report create method

The report_xls class contains a number of attributes and methods to facilitate the creation XLS reports in OpenERP.

  • cell types

    Supported cell types : text, number, boolean, date.

  • cell styles

    The predefined cell style definitions result in a consistent look and feel of the OpenERP Excel reports.

  • cell formulas

    Cell formulas can be easily added with the help of the rowcol_to_cell() function which you can import from the utils.py module.

  • Excel templates

    It is possible to define Excel templates which can be adapted by 'inherited' modules. Download the account_move_line_report_xls module from http://apps.openerp.com as example.

  • XLS with multiple sheets

    Download the account_journal_report_xls module from http://apps.openerp.com as example.

Development assistance

Contact info@noviat.com for help with the development of Excel reports in OpenERP.

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