Budget Cost Center

v 8.0 Third Party 254
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Technical name account_budget_cost_center
Required Apps eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies
License: AGPL-3

Budget Cost Center

This module allows to link budgets, budgetary positions and forecasts to costcenters. Setting a budget and a budgetary position at a costcenter creates an extra dimension in reporting, customers can now compare the practical amounts to the planned amounts and adjust the budget or the forecast.

The budget on a cost center can be for a certain period, f.e. a year or a quarter.

Budgetary positions are based on accounts, and budgets of different Cost Centers can be linked to the same budgetary positions. This creates three layers of information: Cost Center, Budget and Budgetary position. With these three layers it’s possible to compare Cost Centers, Budgets within Cost Center or budgets across Cost Centers, and budgetary positions within budgets, within Cost Centers or across Cost Centers.



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