iDeal payment acquirer

v 8.0 Third Party 1

256.00 €

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Technical name payment_ideal
Required Apps eInvoicing (account)
License: AGPL-3

iDeal payment acquirer

This module allows you to use iDeal as a payment acquirer within Odoo.


For the installation to run flawlessly, you probably need a few extra dependendies on your server:

name debian/ubuntu windows
sudo apt-get install python-pkgconfig libxmlsec1-dev
sudo pip install xmlsec

Then just install as usual.


After installation, you will be prompted to fill in your merchant ID, your certificates and the other values your bank provided. If you don't have those at hand, this module is not for you.

In case you accidentally closed this wizard, go to Settings / Payments / Payment Acquirers, create a new one and select iDeal in the Provider field.


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Hello, How do i get xmlsec on windows?