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Required Apps Project Management (project)
Technical Name project_task_subtask
Also available in version v 9.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 13.0 v 12.0
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Project Task To-Do List

Use To-Do List to be ensure that all your tasks are performed and to make easy control over them

Version: v8.

Tested and maintained by
IT Projects Labs
Assitance: help@itpp.dev

Key features:
  • create To-Do List for any tasks
  • track all subtasks that should be done and keep them under control
  • To-Do List items will be colored depending on their state
  • only users related to subtask can change subtask parameters
  • see instant email notifications in task mail thread and your Inbox

How It Works

Go to Project → Tasks menu and create/open a task. Here you can see new "To-Do List" tab. Add items (hereinafter "subtasks") into your To-Do List.
Specify "Description" and select "Assigned to", "Reviewer".

  • if a subtask has state "TODO", it's colored in red for user assigned to subtask
  • if a subtask has state "DONE", it's colored in green
  • if a subtask has state "CANCELLED", it's colored in grey

If you mistakenly switch state to "DONE" or "CANCELLED", you will be able to revert state to TODO by clicking on

All To-Do List changes and updates are tracked on task mail thread and you will receive instant email notifications to your Inbox

You can see your TODOs on tasks in kanban view

Track all your TODOs in one place and keep them under control. Go to the Project → To-Do List menu to see them.

Free Support

You will get free support and assistance in case of any issues

Project Task To-Do List


  • Install this module in a usual way


Example of usage:

  • Create User1 and User2 in the Settings >> Users menu
  • Login as User1
    • Go to Project >> Project >> Tasks and open the To-Do List tab
    • Create new subtask (Reviewer - User1, Assigned to - User2)
  • Login as User2
    • See message in Inbox like "TODO: subtask_name"
    • Change state of subtask to Cancelled/Done
    • You can see a message in Inbox "Cancelled: subtask_name" or "Done: subtask_name" accordingly.
  • You can see your TODOs on tasks in kanban view in the Project >> Project >> Tasks menu
  • The Project >> Project >> To-Do List menu displays ALL subtasks in state TODO assigned to you and subtasks where you are Reviewer

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