Aeroo Reports

v 8.0 Third Party 7425
Download for 8.0 series
Technical name report_aeroo
LicenseGPL-3 or any later version
Also available for v 9.0 v 7.0 v 6.1 v 6.0 v 5.0

Enterprise grade reporting solution for Odoo

Aeroo Reports for Odoo is a comprehensive and versatile reporting engine based on Aeroo Library. For more information on how this technology differs from other reporting options, please reference reporting engine comparison matrix: [aaa|]

Modules in this category

  • Aeroo Reports (report_aeroo), this module
  • Aeroo Reports Direct Print (report_aeroo_direct_print), print reports without preview
  • Aeroo Reports Prinscreen (report_aeroo_printscreen), report any model in a spreadsheet report
  • Aeroo Reports demo (report_aeroo_sample), just a demo

More information and documentation

Report templates in the following formats

  • Open Document Format (ODF) - .odt, .ods;
  • Other ASCII based formats, like HTML, CSV, etc.

Output formats:

  • Open Document Format (ODF) - .odt, .ods;
  • Other ASCII based formats, like HTML, CSV, etc.
  • using Aeroo DOCS - PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV.

Reporting engine features

  • Add reports from UI "on the fly";
  • Install reports from module;
  • Dynamic template load/unload;
  • Extra Functions - set of functions for rapid template development;
  • Use templates stored on filesystem, database or elsewhere;
  • Same button - different templates;
  • Powerful stylesheet system for ODF templates;
  • Global or local stylesheets;
  • Template preloading for performance concerns;
  • User defined parsers;
  • Report deactivation;
  • Optional format fallback;
  • Add/Remove print button wizards;
  • Test report on particular object ID, directly from Report form;
  • Translatable reports;
  • Translation export;
  • Number of copies;
  • Universal Report wizard;
  • Override report file extension (for direct printing, etc);
  • Separate input/output format selections;

Input - Output format pairs

  • odt - odt/doc/pdf;
  • ods - ods/xls/pdf/csv;
  • html - html;

Sponsors of Aeroo Reports port for Odoo v8

Original work and inspiration

This module is based on the original work of Simone Orsi (Domsense)

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