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Professional high quality print process with Scribus

From any type of object, create nifty reports

This is a new report type for Odoo, the module is an extention that gives print designers a complement to other report types when they creates a new report. But its easy even for non programmers to create reports using the separate GUI-client.

Scribus is a page layout program that supports professional publishing features, such as CMYK colors, spot colors, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation.

Reports made by Scribus can help you to build a professional pre-press workflow, where you store all print templates as long with original data within the ERP-system. The information department retains controll over the graphical material produced in the organisation. The produced material are accurate and have less problems at the print-shop.

Create Press-ready PDF

Scribus reliably exports high quality, "press-ready" PDF including advanced PDF 1.5 features, ISO compliant PDF/X-3 and ICC color managed PDFs. This module uses the Scribus-sla-file as a template. The Scribus-file incorporate settings for the PDF-generation as long with the design. If you need Crops or Bleed marks, you choose this when you create your template.

  • PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.5 handle transparency.
  • PDF/X-1a specifies that all colors are CMYK or spot colors.
  • PDF/X-3 tags all images with the right ICC profile and leaves the CMYK conversion to the RIP (Raster Images Processor) at the print office.
  • PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 are based on PDF 1.3 which does not handle transparency.

Design pages using special notation

This module uses email_template rendering notation; ${} for including attributes from the database. You can add Python style code, for example ${ or ''}. This example means use email attribute from object or, if there is nothing in email print an empty string. Read more

When the template is ready you can upload it to the report-record (or include it in the xml-record if you are building a module).

There is a test report action that also lists all fields for the choosen model.
The report type "Scribus PDF" outputs PDF-file and "Scribus SLA" outputs the rendered SLA-file. When using SLA output you can work with the ready Scribus-file before PDF-generation or printing. SLA-files contains only one instance of printed object.

Example of code for a module:

    <report string="Sample Scribus" id="action_scribus_sample_report" model="res.partner"
                            report_type="scribus_pdf" name="report_scribus.scribus_sample_report" />

    <record id="action_scribus_sample_report" model="">
        <field name="scribus_template" type="base64" file="report_scribus/sample.sla" />


This module needs Scribus-ng (version 1.5 or later) to be installed on the server; for Ubuntu 14.04:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scribus/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install scribus-ng xvfb
sudo pip install pypdf2

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great work!!
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this will surely reduce the struggle with reports structuring :)

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Good work, kudos.