MOLPay Payment Acquirer

v 9.0 Third Party

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Technical name payment_molpay
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Sales Management (sale)
Website Builder (website)
Invoicing (account)
Technical name payment_molpay
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0 v 10.0
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Sales Management (sale)
Website Builder (website)
Invoicing (account)

Odoo Website MOLPay Payment Gateway

MOLPay Payment Gateway is available in ODOO to making a payment processing easier

Why ODOO Website MOLPay Payment Gateway?

MOLPay is a service to help merchant to sell on-line and expand rapidly to South-East Asia market.

Customers/Guest Users Features

  • Accept/Pay payment from anywhere any time.
  • RWD or responsive web design payment page for on-line buyer to checkout
  • Secure 1-click payment using credit card
  • Seamless integration to pop-up bank login page immediately
  • Channel switching is available for same currency channels

MOLPay Merchant Features

  • Merchant can login to control panel to track payment status
  • Real-time visualized reports
  • Scheduled report on daily/weekly/monthly basis to update merchant via email
  • Server-to-server Notification to ensure no missing status update

Odoo Admin Features

  • Administration can modify payment status.
  • Administration can any time switch over from Test environment to Production environment and vise versa.
  • Administration can easily enable/disable MOLPay payment method.

Installation & Configuration

1.) Install Module

Install the MOLPay Payment Acquirer module.

2.) Obtain Merchant ID and Secret Key

You have to fill merchant enquiry form in as a sandbox user. Later you'll receive an credentials on registered email address.

Email Credentials

We need Merchant ID that we obtain from MOLPay email and other is Secret Key. To obtain Secret Key you have to open Merchant Portal URL. Here enter your Merchant ID, Password, E-Mail. Navigate to left menu » Settings » Merchant Profile » General Info. Obtain your Secret Key.

MOLPay Secret Key

3.) Enter your Merchant ID and Secret Key

In Odoo navigate to Setting » Payment Acquirers » Select/Create MOLPay Payment » Enter your Merchant ID and Merchant Secret Key as well as set your environment preferences.

Enter Merchant ID and Secret Key in Odoo

E-Commerce Payment Workflow

1.) Select MOLPay Payment Method

Select MOLPay

2.) Enter Payment Details

Enter Your Card Details

Enter OTP

Payment Confirmation

3.) Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation

ODOO Admin Panel (Payment Transaction)

1.) Payment transaction

Payment Transaction List View

2.) Transaction Details

Transaction Details

Help & Support

Any type of issue related to this module, any doubt, any queries contact us.

Odoo Technical Help, Support, Request any features give us the opportunity to service you better and improve our solution on a continuous basis.

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