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See all paid orders from special menu in POS

POS Orders History
IT-Projects LLC , Dinar Gabbasov
59.00 €

Point of Sales and Sales Commission based on Partner, Product, Product Category and Margin calculated on Orders/Invoice/Register Payment

Commission for POS and Sales based on Order/Invoice/Payment in Odoo
89.00 €

Manage manufactured products using both Lot & Unit No. to create unique Serial No. Print professional product labels

Lot Number + Unit Number & Professional Labels for Manufactured Products
Optima ICT Services LTD
249.00 €

You can Manage Support Activities here

Customer Toll Free
79.00 €

This plugins helps user to pay with multi currency in point of sale.

POS Multi Currency payment in Odoo
29.00 €

Invoice Summary Report unfolds the entire sales data in one lay out enhancing the reporting features of odoo sales module.

Invoice Summary Report - All In One Deal
Top-Notch Business consultants
19.99 €

This module allows customers earn loyalty points.

POS Loyalty
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20.00 €

Create Muliple Invoice of POS Orders

POS Multi Invoice
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
30.00 €

Create custom page label template by frontend and print dynamic partner address label report.

Dynamic Partner Address Label
Acespritech Solutions Pvt.Ltd
99.00 €

Odoo Advertisement Display

Odoo Advertisement Display
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
300.00 €

Payment with multiple currencies from Point of sale Interface.

POS Multi Currency
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
36.00 €

This module allows user to block/unblock and send messages terminals of POS.

POS Multi-terminal Lock
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
40.00 €

This app allows you to sync Office 365 mails with Odoo mails and vice-versa.

Office365 Mails
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
199.00 €

This apps help to send last week added product as Promotional Newsletter to all subscribers for Shop NewsLetter.

Odoo Product Promotional Newsletter
29.00 €

Webcam to capture images for image widget and also can upload captured image to many records

All In One WebCam
100.00 €
Checklist for Project Tasks
Odoo Master
5.99 €

Allows you to sell one products in different unit of measure.

Pos multi UOM with Barcode
ErpMstar Solutions
39.00 €

Extra's validations

Laminar Systems - Extra's validations
Mohammad Al-Awadly
45.07 €

Christmas Header

Christmas Header
Techinsider Solution
89.00 €

This app helps user to cancel inventory adjustment even if in validated state. Stock journal entry and product quantity will also cancceled while inventory adjustment cancelled.

Inventory Adjustment Cancel
Edge Technologies
20.00 €