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Audit Trail

Generate Unique QR Codes for Customers and Products

Customer and Product QR Code Generator
Cybrosys Techno solutions

Web Client Refresh

MuK Web Refresh

Start, Stop and Restart odoo server through odoo interface

Server Action
Aktiv software
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Document sidebar in form view

Document Sidebar
renjie <i@renjie.me>

File Preview Dialog

MuK Preview

You can use multiple gateway for multiple sms template to send SMS.

Send SMS
Debasish Dash

Execute query from database

Execute Query

Build, deploy and store web forms with the "Form.io" Form Builder

Nova Code

Allows to send sms via different gateways. SMS Client module provides: == Sending SMSs very easily, individually or collectively. *Generalities Odoo does not directly generate the SMS you will have to subscribe to an operator with a web interface (Type OVH) or via a URL generation. If you want to use a 'SMPP Method' you must have to install the library "Soap" which can be installed with: apt-get install python-soappy. You can find it on https://pypi.python.org/pypi/SOAPpy/ You don't need it if you use a "HTTP Method' to send the SMS. *Use Multiple Gateways. The Gateway configuration is performed directly in the configuration menu. For each gateway, you have to fill in the information for your operator. To validate Gateway, code is send to a mobile phone, when received enter it to confirm SMS account. help desk management help desk Helpdesk ticket issue after sales service service helpdesk management repair repair service field service ticket management issue management ticket escalate issue escalate escalate RMA return merchandise authorization rma sms sms repair service management field service management after sales service management auto assign ticket ticket number ticket priority ticket stages ticket configuration cancel ticket ticket monitor portal portal user portal user ticket portal user chat portal user login website portal user helpdesk ticket generate ticket submit ticket ticket attachment ticket document ticket chat chat rma warranty rma refund refund warranty product warranty warranty expire product return warranty template repair order sales order invoice accounting account warehouse inventory website ecommerce shipment receipt report rma repair order sla service level agreement ticket deadline sla policy sla management call center sla on ticket sla performance ticket performance salesperson performance team performance sla target sla report ticket time ticket timesheet ticket time start ticket time stop timesheet ticket time spent track ticket time ticket time log log ticket time timesheet start timesheet stop ticket invoice timesheet invoice repair invoice helpdesk invoice ticket timesheet invoice timesheet bill ticket bill repair intake product intake item intake inventory intake intake repair service intake ticket intake sign digital signature signed document document attachment sign attachment pdf intake approval intake rejection reject intake approve intake out take product out take product outtake outtake item outtake item out take ticket out take reject outtake approve out take repair service out take out take sign mail dashboard repair service dashboard team dashboard graph bar pie line ticket assign assign ticket ticket auto assign unassign ticket ticket unassign support system repair service support chat support chat ticket system live chat support live chat ticket support helpdesk live chat helpdesk live chat support helpdesk live chat ticket product support service repair service contract helpdesk contract contract service contract service contract start service contract stop ticket contract monitor contract contract renewal service contract renewal renew contract service contract renew renew service contract helpdesk contract renew renew helpdesk contract service contract invoice service contract bill helpdesk contract invoice ticket from lead lead to ticket crm to ticket helpdesk report ticket report rma replace rma repair refurbishing refurbish product refurbished repair service refurbish refurb refurb product sub contract contract renew subscription contract subscription recurring contract reopen ticket ticket reopen re open ticket ticket re open rework ticket ticket rework repair rework rework repair ticket quotation quotation ticket ticket estimation repair quotation quotation repair estimation ticket appointment repair service appointment customer appointment client appointment ticket appointment recurring service contract recurring service ticket recurring ticket ticket recurring service ticket recurring dynamic ticket auto generate ticket number ticket sequence auto assign ticket number auto sequence ticket number unique ticket unique ticket number ticket type merge ticket ticket merge sub ticket sub task sub service ticket ticket sub ticket ticket divide divide ticket priority ticket priority escalation team escalation ticket escalation issue escalation task escalation escalate ticket feedback customer feedback client feedback repair service feedback ticket feedback repair service customer feedback auto mail mail automation customer satisfaction customer rating customer survey survey mail customer forum forum customer knowledge base client knowledge base repair service knowledge base support team support team knowledgebase faq frequently ask question Q&A helpdesk forum support system forum support system knowledge base support service video website slider customer document document for customer knowledgebase video forum video forum document customer like customer dislike portal customer ticket sms auto send sms sms service repair service sms auto ticket create sms send sms stage change sms sms update ticket update by sms customer sms client sms helpdesk sms support service sms helpdesk video helpdesk timesheet helpdesk timesheet invoice helpdesk timesheet bill intake website form intake customer website form intake product customer web form helpdesk intake form helpdesk intake web form helpdesk intake product web form website timesheet web form ticket approval e-signature esign esign approval esignature approval website esign website esignature customer esign customer esignature customer e-signature customer approval e-sign customer approval esign customer approval e-signature customer approval esignature repair service warranty warranty management inventory warranty sales warranty repair product warranty customer warranty sales order warranty merge timesheet team timesheet merge merge timesheet repair service helpdesk automation automate helpdesk automatic ticket system

SMS Client
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , Julius Network Solutions ,

MS Office Preview

MuK Preview MS Office
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Restrict concurrent sessions, User force logout, Automatic session expiry

Restrict Concurrent User Login
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Print barcode in sales orders, invoices, inventory, and purchase reports

Print barcode in sales order, invoice, inventory, and purchase order reports
Import / Export

User Can Easily Update Cost Price/Sale Price of Products

Advanced Product Price Update
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Export List View with Details app is designed to export list view in xls report. This app helps user to print list view of all odoo applications with or without details in xls format.

Export List View for All Application
Edge Technologies

Send Birthday Greetings Email to Partner/Customer

Send Customer Birthday Wishes

Ability To Add Custom Fields in Employee From User Level

Employee Dynamic Fields
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Base module for developing Excel import/export/report

Excel Import/Export/Report
Ecosoft , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Protect robot login and signup with reCAPTCHA

Login/signup reCAPTCHA
Cybrosys Techno Solutions