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This Module Allow us to Split Manufacturing Order Based on Number of Split.Split Mo in Equal Part

Split Manufacturing Order
Vraja Technologies
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This apps helps you to easy split manufacturing order by number of qty/split

Split Manufacturing Order
Preway IT Solutions
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Substitute MRP Products

MRP Substitute Products
Brindsoft Technologies
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Multiple Branch Management Multi Branch manufacturing app Multiple Unit Operating unit manufacturing branch mrp branch production multiple branch manufacturing single company with Multi Branches multi company branch mrp unit multi branch mrp multi branch

Multiple Branch Unit Operations for Manufacturing
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Cancel manufacturings Order app is helpful plugin to cancel processed manufacturing order. Cancellation of manufacturing order includes operations like cancel Invoice, Cancel Delivery Order, Cancel paid Invoice, Unreconcile Payment, Cancel processed delivery order/ cancel processed picking.

Cancel Manufacturing Order
Craftsync Technologies
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MRP subcontracting process on Manufacturing subcontracting process with mrp subcontract management workorder subcontracting process bill of material subcontract MO subcontract process with manufacturing subcontract process on mrp

MRP Subcontracting - Workorder Subcontract Management
Edge Technologies
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On sale order Line User has access to select Bill Of Material of selected Product.

Manufacturing Bom in Sale Order Line
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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bom cost price app odoo, calculate total bom cost, get mrp product cost module, compute bill of material price

BOM Cost Price
Softhealer Technologies
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MRP Product Costing

MRP Product Costing
Open Value
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Manufacturing - Mass Serial Number

Manufacturing - Mass Serial Number
Havi Technology
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This app allow you to process your waste and recycle using Manufacturing module after collection.

Waste and Recycling Process with Manufacturing
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Flexible Finished Product Goods in Manufacturing Flexible Finished Product Goods In mrp change product quantity in production food manufacturing industry Manufacturing several output mrp partial produce manufacturing partial produce food production process

Flexible Finished Product Quantity in Manufacturing-MRP
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Manufacturing Several Outputs in MRP Secondary Finished goods in MRP Several Outputs in Manufacturing food industry Manufacturing Secondary Product in mrp Secondary Products costing with mrp process costing with Secondary product in manufacturing byproduct

Secondary Products in Manufacturing/MRP Several Outputs
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This module add feature to hide a bom cost price on bom report.

Bill of Material Cost Price Hide/Show
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Apps for process costing on Manufacturing Order bom process costing process costing Manufacturing bill of material costing manufacturing accounting cost manufacturing material cost manufacturing labour cost manufacturing overhead cost total mrp costing

Manufacturing Process Costing in Odoo
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Allow Manufacturing Users to fill timesheets.

Manufacturing Timesheets (MRP Timesheets)
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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This module allow you to view BOM cost Price on Product which has BOM and Show Total Cost on BOM Form.

BOM Product Cost Price
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Subcontracting operations in manufacturing processes

MRP Subcontracting
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App helps Manufacturing backdate and remarks backdate for product move backdate for stock move backdate for journal entry Manufacturing back date Manufacturing order backdate Manufacturing back dating transfer backdate stock backdate operation backdate.

Manufacturing Backdate and Remarks in Odoo
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Finished goods and by-products costing(Manufacturing)
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