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Restrict the access in the POS from a specific user/employee.

(POS) Restrict employees access in the POS.
Sayed Ahmed Abbas Ahmed

All in one pos reports Print pos session report pos sales summery report pos sales reports point of sales reports pos X Report pos z report pos payment summary reports pos Inventory audit report pos Order summary report pos Posted Session POS Profit Report

ALL POS Reports in Odoo (POS BOX Compatible)

Point of sales communication protocol to the needs of Russian KKM ATOL

ATOL POS Protocol
IT Libertas

Set absolute discount if the percentages are not convenient or just boring

Absolute Discounts in POS
IT-Projects LLC , Dinar Gabbasov


Access POS MFH
Falcon Solutions SpA
Access Rights POS
Abuzar ALkhateeb

Allows you to print account invoice by posbox thermal printer.

Account Invoice POSbox Printer Receipt
ErpMstar Solutions

Acespritech Hotel Restaurant

Acespritech Hotel Restaurant
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Customise POS add product using Serial/lot Number

Add unique serial number to products in POS
DRC Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Print POS orders & bills using printer directly without PosBox with advance features that suits order disrbutions into multiple printers

Advance Network Printer

POS Advance Multiple Branch advance Multi Branch for POS multi branch sequence branch address on pos report branch logo on pos report sale branch Purchase branch Invoicing branch logo on Accounting Report logo Multi branch sequence branch logo on pos

Advance POS Multi Branch-Unit Operation Setup

Product tag on pos product tag apply product tag on pos product filter by tag pos tag filter pos product tag filter apply tag filter on pos tag point of sale tag point of sale product tag pos order filter by tag pos order tag product tag on pos filter tag

Advance POS Products Tags

POS product advance view POS product switch view POS product list view pos product sorting point of dale product switch view point of sale product list view point of sale product sorting pos product sort view point of sale product sort pos advance view

Advance POS View - POS Product Switch View and Sort View

Mordern, Responsive,Pre Configured, & Dynamic date filter analysis POS Dashboard

Advanced POS Dashboard
TechKhedut Inc.

Mordern Responsive POS Dashboard & POS Themes

Advanced POS Dashboard + POS Themes
TechKhedut Inc.

10 Different amazing POS Theme UI/UX.

Advanced POS Themes / Responsive POS Theme
TechKhedut Inc.

Agrega campos en apertura de pos.session

Ajustes en caja POS

Support payment by scanning user's QR

Alipay Payments in POS
IT-Projects LLC , Kolushov Alexandr

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All In One POS Reports || POS Reports
OMAX Informatics

POS service management Point Of Sale Service Management POS Order Service Management Manage All POS Services POS Services In Single System All POS Order In One System laundry service rent service Hardware repairing Parking Product Delivery Odoo

All In One Service Management - Point Of Sale
Softhealer Technologies