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Ingram XML Integration
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Create purchase request

Purchase Request
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Useful extension for Odoo Purchase

Product images on Purchase order and Quotation
Dusal Solutions
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Supplier/Purchase Invoice Discount

Purchase Invoice Discount
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Control Point, Quality Inspections on Incoming Products, Quality Alert & barcode sticker report

Quality Control
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The tool to administrate vendor data about products, prices and available stocks

Vendor Product Management

Wasting your important time to make a similar sale order from your purchase order? So don't worry here it is this module will help you to make this procedure quick, just on one click, it will be easy to create sale order from RFQ or purchase order. You can easily track the RFQ/purchase order into the sale orde. This module provides a reference number in the sale order when you create a sale order from RFQ/Purchase Order. This module also provides a smart button with the counter in the purchase order so you can go to the sale order directly. Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order Odoo Create Sale Order From Purchase Order Module, Manage So From Request For Quote, Manage Quotation From PO, Handle Quote From RFQ, Manage Sales Order From Request For Quotation Odoo. Purchase Order To Sale Order Module, Manage So From Po App, Handle Quotation From RFQ, Manage Quote From Request For Quotations Odoo. Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order 快速采购订单到销售订单 Commande d'achat rapide à la commande de vente Schnelle Bestellung zum Verkauf Bestellung Ordine di acquisto rapido All'ordine di vendita Orden de compra rápida a orden de venta Pedido de compra rápido Para pedido de venda

Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order
Softhealer Technologies

This module useful to define multipe products in one custom template and load all products on single click in purchase order. Purchase Order Product Templates Odoo, Purchase Order Custom Templates Odoo. Multiple Products In One Custom Template Module, Make Template Of Different Products In Purchase Order Odoo, Make Template Of RFQ Products, Feature Of Build Products Combo In Request For Quotation, PO More Products Template Odoo. PO Product Template app, Build Products Combo Odoo, Purchase Order Custom Template, Request For Quotation Product Template, Make Template Of RFQ Products Odoo. Purchase Order Template Product 采购订单模板产品 Modèle de bon de commande Produit Bestellvorlagenprodukt Modello di ordine d'acquisto prodotto Producto de plantilla de orden de compra Produto do Modelo de Pedido de Compra

Purchase Order Template Product
Softhealer Technologies

This Module allows to create Suppliers Advance payment from Purchase order. advance payment | purchase payment | advance purchase payment | purchase order payment.

Purchase Advance Payment
Equick ERP

Import Purchase Order Lines from CSV,Import Purchase Order Lines from Excel, Import RFQ Lines From CSV Module, Import RFQ Lines From Excel App, Import PO Lines From CSV, import PO Lines From XLS, import request for quotation line XLSX Odoo

Import Purchase Order Lines from CSV/Excel file
Softhealer Technologies

Do you want a custom checklist for your Purchase Order? The checklist used to give an important list of items, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder. This module helps to track the work of the checklist. Here you can know the detail of the checklist in percentage. This module helps to divide checklist items into different stages like Completed, Cancel & Delete. cheers! Purchase Order Custom Checklist Odoo, PO Custom Checklist Odoo Make List Of Items Required, Reminder Checklist For Purchase Order, Make Checklist For Request For Quotation Odoo, Purchase Order Checklist With Status, Remember Of Important Things, PO Checklist , RFQ Checklist Odoo. Make Checklist App, PO List Of Items Required, Reminder Checklist For Purchase Order, Checklist For Request For Quotation Odoo, Remember Of Important Things, PO Checklist, Purchase Order Checklist With Status, Purchase Order Checklist, Requestion For Quotation Checklist, RFQ Checklist Odoo. Purchase Order Custom Checklist 采购订单自定义清单 Liste de contrôle personnalisée du bon de commande Benutzerdefinierte Checkliste für Bestellungen Elenco di controllo personalizzato dell'ordine d'acquisto Orden de compra Lista de verificación personalizada Lista de verificação personalizada do pedido de compra

Purchase Order custom Checklist
Softhealer Technologies

odoo app will add Revision Purchase Order and History

Purchase Revision Number & history
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

split purchase order lines, extract po module, extract rfq app, split purchase order app, extract request for quotation, split request for quotationodoo

Extract Purchase Order| Extract Request For Quotation | Split Purchase Order| Split Request For Quotation
Softhealer Technologies

odoo app will allow to make Payment from Purchase Order

Payment from Purchase Order
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Purchase Order Management In Report, Purchase Order Product Management, Request For Quotation Report App, Request For Quote Image Report Module, Handle PO Serial Number, Tax Remove In RFQ Report. po product management app Odoo

Purchase Order Product Image, Serial Number, Tax Remove In Report
Softhealer Technologies

split purchase order Lines | split rfq order | split orders | bulk product order easy to split | split purchase order lines | split rfq order line | split line | split request for quotation orders | split RFQ | split request for qutation | Split po | split order Lines | extract rfq | extract purchase | extract qutation

Split Purchase Order
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Odoo app will add default Terms & Conditions on Purchase Order

Purchase Default Terms & Conditions
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Purchase Order Confirm & Send Email in Bulk

Purchase Order Confirm & Send Email in Bulk
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The extension for the tool Product Management Interface to add purchasing mass actions

Product Management Interface: Purchases

odoo app confirm Multipal Purchase Order in one click, Mass Purchase Order, Mass Purchase Order, bulk send mail purchase, bulk confirm purchase, mass purchase confirm, bulk purchase confirm, mass rfq confirm, multiple purchase confirm, validate multiple confirm, mass validate po

Confirm Multiple Purchase Orders
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd