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See Purchase Order History, Sale order History and stock per location in product Page

Yudha Product History
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

Completed Retail Inventory Management system, use dynamic numbering, use backdate, can cancel transaction, and Warehouse Management an Customer Management

Yudha Retail Inventory
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

This module adds the supplier code defined in the product, to the Inventory Order line.

App Inventory Order with Product Supplier Code

The module allows you to process Pickings by barcode scanner via special page /barcode/web (the same as it was in odoo 8.0)

Barcode scanner for Stock
IT-Projects LLC,Kolushov Alexandr
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Manage Putaway rules on Products.

Putaway Rules on Product
Craftsync Technologies

View Inventory Valuation Report

Yudha Inventory Valuation
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

Create Purchase Order From Stock Picking

Yudha Picking To Purchase Order
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

See All Suggested Item that exist in stock picking that have same product id and quantity avaiable,qty on hand and quantity to be used

Yudha Suggest Item
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

Scan Serial Number Via Barcode On Picking scan serial number in picking scan serial in delivery scan lot via barcode scanner scan lot number in picking add lot number via barcode scanner in picking serial number scan on delivery scan picking via barcode

Add Serial Number Via Barcode On Picking(Shipment/Delivery) in odoo
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import data App for import stock inventory adjustment import inventory adjustment import product stock import inventory with lot import stock with lot import serial import inventory data import stock balance import stock with lot import stock with Serial

Import Stock with Serial number/Lot number in Odoo
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Stock picking cancel allows you to cancel picking.

Stock Picking Cancel
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This module adds support for barcodes scanning to the Sale Purchase Stock.

Sale Purchase Stock Barcode Scanning
Do Incredible

This modules support for barcodes scanning to Stock Picking.

Stock Picking Barcode
Do Incredible
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Inventory weight. Stock weight.Add Product sku weight in Stock Inventory and Operation. product weight, purchase weight, sale weight, mrp weight, total weight, kg kg(s) lb lb(s) support.

Weight in Stock Inventory Operation Picking and Move
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Apps for product stock by location product by location Stock Balance by Location report product stock location Stock quantity by location wise product stock location report warehouse stock by location stock inventory by location product by location report

Product Stocks By locations report in odoo
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Palletization in the Warehouse

WM Palletization
Markus Bala
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stock product filter app, inventory product search odoo, warehouse goods select module, manage stock product odoo

Advance Product Search and Selection in Stock Operations
Softhealer Technologies
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This module provides pdf and xlsx report of scrap products

Advanced Scrap Move Report
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking & Invoices
CodeFire Technologies

All Stock reports all inventory reports all in one stock reports all in one inventory reports real time stock valuation report product overstock report inventory coverage report inventory breakdown report stock movement report in stock out stock report

All in one Inventory/Stock Reports Odoo
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