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Allows to configure the system to propose automatically new procurement groups during the procurement run.

Procurement Auto Create Group
Eficent , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
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In purchase, use package

Purchase Packaging
ACSONE SA/NV , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
193 | 4

Shows the cost of the inventory adjustments

Stock Inventory Cost Info
Tecnativa , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
68 | 4

Prevent to add stock on locked locations

Stock Location Lockdown
Akretion , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
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App Cancel stock picking order cancel delivery order cancel receipt cancel picking cancel internal transfer cancel internal picking cancel reset stock picking reset delivery reverse stock picking reverse delivery cancel Rectify stock picking reset picking

Stock Picking Cancel and Reset
Edge Technologies

Add an report stock card in inventory

Stock card (PDF & Excel)
HyD Freelance

Stock inventory by product category

Stock inventory by product category
Trey (www.trey.es)
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Deltatech Delivery Base
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu
75 | 3

Forcefully Available Stock on delivery Force Availability for delivery order Force Availability for picking Force Availability button in Stock picking Force Availability button in delivery order Force Availability button in picking stock Force Availability

Force Availability button in Delivery/Picking
Edge Technologies

Base module for multiple procurement group by Sale order

Sale Procurement Group by Line
Camptocamp , ForgeFlow ,
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App Cancel All in one cancel orders cancel purchase cancel picking cancel landed cost cancel sale cancel inventory adjustment cancel all order cancel delivery order cancel invoice delete invoice cancel stock transfer cancel stock picking cancel stock move

All in One Cancel Sale, Purchase, Picking and Invoice
Edge Technologies

Makes the contacts tag unique

Contacts Tag Unique
Niraj Karna
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Cancel inventory adjustment reverse inventory adjustment reset cancel opening stock cancel validated inventory cancel Stock journal entry rectify inventory adjustment cancel inventory stock details inventory reverse process return inventory adjustment

Inventory Adjustment Cancel
Edge Technologies
MRP Warehouse
Terrabit , Dorin Hongu
351 | 3
Merge Picking
Marco Dieckhoff (Bremskerl)
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stock picking report, stock picking list

Prisme Reporting for Stock
Prisme Solutions Informatique SA
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Approved Products Add approval work flow on products. ========================================== User can update status of product. Only approved product display in sale order line, move line, invoice line. product product approval product approve product workflow approve product approval workflow product variants Product approval workflow Product item product creation Add product product verification verify product verify item product upload upload product product approval approve product multiple product multi product selection multi product approval approve multi product multi product reject product refuse product product reject item reject item refuse multi item select Inventory Invoicing Account Sales create invoice sale order lines product tree view product form view Product Approval Manager Sale Order Quotation customer invoice Supplier Invoices Inventory Management product refuse sale product upload approval warehouse product upload approval sale inventory approval inventory approval Product Upload Approval WorkFlow approval workflow search by Draft search by Approved search by Rejected Workflow Configuration Product Tree View With Stages Multi Product Status Update at Time Customer / Supplier Invoices Approved or Draft Filter on product

Product Approval Workflow
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Add menu entry to allow CSV import of templates with variants

Product Variant CSV Import
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Multiple warehouse source locations for Sale order

Sale Sourced by Line
Camptocamp , Eficent ,
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Integrate & Manage your SendCloud Shipping Operations from Odoo

SendCloud Odoo Shipping Integration