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The module allows you to create discount coupons and vouchers for Odoo website. The voucher code can be used by the customer to obtain discount on orders.

Website Coupons & Vouchers
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
125.00 €
1 95

The module allows you to set multiple images for the products available on odoo website.

Website Product Multi Images
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €
2 30

The module allows you to display customer reviews and feedback on the Odoo website. The customer can also give a thumbs up or thumbs dow to a review.

Website Product Review
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €
1 34

Get Smooth & Simple Site Navigation

Advance Mega Menu
39.00 €
2 97

The module allows the customer to create and publish product bundles and sell different types of products together in one pack on the Odoo website. The product pack can be used to offer discounts and offers to the customers.

Website Product Pack
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
99.00 €
1 26

The new configurable Odoo Web Login Screen

Odoo Web Login Screen
binhnguyenxuan (
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It provides a mobile compliant interface for Odoo Community web

Web Responsive
LasLabs , Tecnativa ,
1 14087

Show cookie notice according to cookie law

Cookie notice
Agile Business Group , Tecnativa ,
1 2808

Know when your customers want products delivered

Customer Order Delivery Date
2 1982

Disables robots.txt for indexing by webcrawlers like Google

Alter robots.txt disallow indexing
B-Informed B.V. , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
1 669
Latest Posts Snippet
Odoo S.A.
1 4871

Provides an autocomplete field for Website on any model

Website Field - AutoComplete
LasLabs , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
1 392

To display Departments in Hierarchical Manner

Department Hierarchy
Murali Krishna Reddy
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This modules help to manage cookie notification on Odoo website

Website Cookie Notice(EU LAW)
10.00 €
1 12

With the use of this addon, the top menu bar can be made sticky to make it easy for the users to use.

Website Sticky Menu
The Stella IT Solutions
9.90 €
1 21

Sell Your Products Online with Product Stock Info

eCommerce Extension to Display Stock Info
Murali Krishna Reddy
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Wishlist of products in your online shop

Products Wishlist
Tecnativa , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
1 317

This apps helps to Manage Customer Helpdesk Support Ticket from website inculding timesheet and invoice

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket for Customer
45.00 €
1 34
Website Product Booking
199.00 €
2 11
Blog Share
Andhitia Rama , Tecnativa ,
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